LEROU automatic head massaging robot

A brand-new robotic headmaster named LEROU is available anytime needed to help with stress reduction and relaxation. The helmet has a well-tuned mechanical massage robot that may help you relax when things get stressful and aid in better sleep. The demonstration video for the LEROU head massager is below. On Kickstarter, earlybird pledges begin at about £130.

“Stress exhaustion; agitation and difficulty calming down; poor sleep quality or inability to sleep at night, ultimately resulting in a terrible mental state and unproductive job the next day. A personal head massager called LEROU Robot is now available to help you relax and feel comfortable without interfering with your work. When utilising it, you’ll have the impression that someone is massaging your temples. It induces sleep and ultimately improves the quality of your sleep. The LEROU Robot will change how you relax and sleep. For those who detest crow’s feet, Lerou Robot is like a beautician’s fingertips that massages the corner of your eyes. Regular use can halt crow’s feet in their tracks.

“LEROU is incredibly user-friendly and convenient, and the LED Display lets you see the full period of time the massage robot has been working. Press and hold the button for three seconds to start or stop the massage robot. A method that the LEROU Robot employs replicates human massage. Consequently, employing LEROU Robot will give you the impression that a massage therapist is giving you a massage. What is ideal? All you have to do is turn on the LEROU Robot, put it on your head, and carry on with your own work. You don’t need to worry about holding things in place; let your LEROU handle it for you.

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