Searching Google Maps for ‘Loch Ness’ brings up an image of a naked man

Users have discovered that searching for Lake Ness, the big freshwater loch in Scotland, on Google Maps pulls up a 3D picture of a nude guy, which is not exactly what you’d expect to see while looking for the Scottish Highlands.

Following the discovery of the picture in the Google Maps app, people started posting jokes, gifs, and responses about Loch Ness, which is presently trending on Twitter.

“Just witnessed why Loch Ness is trendy,” one person said. I wasn’t searching for that kind of monster. “I assumed Loch Ness was trending because of Countryfile,” another person tweeted. How mistaken I was

Users just need to search for Loch Ness on Google Maps, hit the little preview picture in the lower left, and then pan around the area to discover the image. You cannot undo what you have seen.

Without a doubt, Google will abruptly remove the picture from its results. It is still accessible to everyone online until that time.

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