Google is shutting down YouTube Go in August

A scaled-down version of the website that would use less bandwidth and work on devices with less computing power was the goal of YouTube Go when it initially appeared in 2016.

Google has now officially announced the August shutdown of YouTube Go. More details are supplied below; the news was made public yesterday.

Today, we’re announcing the August discontinuation of YouTube Go. Users of YouTube Go are advised to download the main YouTube app or access YouTube directly through their browsers by visiting In comparison to YouTube Go, the main YouTube app provides a better overall user experience and features like commenting, posting, creating content, and using dark themes that users have requested but aren’t yet available.

In order to give users in places with poor connectivity, pricey data plans, and low-end devices the best experience possible in the main YouTube app, we introduced YouTube Go in 2016. Since then, YouTube has made improvements to the primary YouTube app that improve its functionality in these circumstances and give our whole community a better user experience. We have improved performance for users of YouTube on slower networks or low-end devices in particular. Stay tuned for more updates as we create additional user controls that help viewers with limited data usage reduce their mobile data usage!

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