New report details why Ted Lasso season 3 hasn’t been released yet

One of the most watched and significant comedies on Apple TV+ is Ted Lasso. Apple has been working on the third (and maybe final) season of Ted Lasso, which has won several accolades and has a big fan base. But according to a recent source, a few factors have delayed the start of Ted Lasso season three.

‘Ted Lasso’ season three delayed

‘Ted Lasso’ season three delayed

According to Puck (via Vulture), actor and creator Jason Sudeikis, who portrays none other than Ted Lasso in the programme, is one of the key reasons Apple TV+ hasn’t yet published the third season of Ted Lasso. Twelve episodes are anticipated for the third season, however, they haven’t been decided.

According to the rumour, “Sudeikis’s perfectionism” was to blame for the third season’s postponement. From September 2021, production has begun working on brand-new Ted Lasso episodes. Nevertheless, numerous episodes have been rewritten after April 2022 to alter the storylines of some characters.

The fact that some of the filming venues, like Chelsea Football Club’s stadium, are presently closed only serves to confuse matters further. The stadium has been “locked for some time” since the Ukrainian invasion obliged the stadium’s owner, a Russian tycoon, to sell it. The stadium must now be digitally rendered in these sequences, which requires additional post-production.

The budget for the series has also started to cause internal problems. According to people with knowledge of the situation, Apple TV+ and Warner, the show’s producer, have some differences in who is responsible for covering the production costs. Ted Lasso’s current episode wage ceiling is $150,000.

Why fans are eagerly awaiting season 3

Since its release in August 2020, Ted Lasso has established itself as one of Apple TV+’s most-watched programmes. The programme centres on Jason Sudeikis’ portrayal of the title character as he attempts to lead a soccer club in the English Premier League despite having no prior coaching expertise.

Although well-liked, Ted Lasso has yet to get a second season. The programme hasn’t been renewed yet for several reasons, one of which is that Apple TV+ is a very new streaming service.

The show’s intricate production schedule is most likely to blame for the delay, though. As Ted Lasso is filmed in England, the actors and crew must spend two weeks in quarantine before shooting can begin.

Several television programmes shot in England, such as The Crown and Bridgeton, have experienced delays as a result of this quarantine. Because of these delays, probably, the third season of Ted Lasso won’t air until 2022.

Fans may revisit seasons 1 and 2 on Apple TV+ in the interim.

Emmy Awards

Emmy Awards

For the 74th Emmy Awards, 52 different categories nominated Apple TV+ programming.

Above all, Teddy Lasso won one of the top prizes of the evening, winning Outstanding Comedy Series over other similarly outstanding programmes (Abbott Elementary, Barry, Curb Your Enthusiasm, Hacks, Just Murders In the Building, What We Do In the Shadows).

The third season of Teddy Lasso was not revealed during Jason Sudeikis’ award speech, which disappointed those who had hoped he would. He just said, “See you sometime in season three,” as a tease.

Ted Lasso seasons one and two are currently available on Apple TV+.

The show’s future

According to a recent report, there are several explanations as to why Ted Lasso’s highly anticipated second season hasn’t yet been made available.

The show’s survival is reportedly at risk as a result of creative disagreements between the show’s creators and Apple TV+. The two sides appear to be at odds about the show’s development; the creators want to take it in a more serialised path, while Apple TV+ wants it to be a lighthearted comedy.

The article also claims that there have been production concerns with the project, including issues with the casting and screenplay.

At now, it’s unknown what will happen to Ted Lasso. However, it appears that before the performance can go, some significant issues need to be resolved.

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