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How to find your hidden iPhone apps

You will learn how to find your hidden iPhone apps in this post; we have previously offered instructions on how to do so.

The iPhone features a feature that lets you hide apps from your Home Screen if you have a lot of applications and don’t want too many pages of apps there. Along with just one app, you can block entire pages of apps from your device.

I usually do this with apps that I occasionally use but don’t use frequently to keep them installed and available when I need them.

How do I locate apps that have been hidden on my iPhone?

You may slide right until the search bar displays at the top of your display to find apps that are hidden on your smartphone. You may then search for the app on your smartphone by typing its name into the search box. I’ve used the eBay app in this example; all you have to do to utilize it is click on it.

Additionally, it’s easy to locate apps in the App Library on your iPhone. You may accomplish this by swiping left to right across the app pages on your iPhone.

The last choice is the App Library. Once more, you can enter the name of the app you’re looking for here, and it will appear at the top of your device.

The screenshot shows that the hidden eBay app is located in the Shopping & Food category of the app store. The app library can also be searched in this manner.

How do I locate hidden pages of apps on the iPhone?

To locate a hidden page of apps on your iPhone, give the Home Screen a lengthy touch until the programmes start to bounce about the screen. When you hit the dots at the bottom of the screen, the several pages of the Home Screen will now be visible.

As can be seen in the screenshot above, the fourth page is hidden from the Home Screen. By checking the box on this page, it will be displayed again on your device, allowing you to easily change it.

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