Samsung unveils 512GB CXL Memory Module

The first 512GB Compute Express Link DRAM has been released to the market, and Samsung has also revealed the arrival of its brand-new 512GB CXL Memory Module.

Below, you can see more details regarding the brand-new Samsung 512GB CXL. It was designed to provide IT systems with high memory capacity and minimal latency.

The new Samsung CXL DRAM is the first to incorporate 512GB of DDR5 DRAM and has four times the memory capacity and a fifth of the system latency compared to the previous Samsung CXL offering. It is built using a CXL controller that is an application-specific integrated circuit (ASIC).

According to Cheolmin Park, Vice President of Memory Global Sales & Marketing at Samsung Electronics and Director of the CXL Consortium, CXL DRAM will significantly advance artificial intelligence (AI) and big data services as we aggressively expand its use in next-generation memory architectures, including software-defined memory (SDM). Samsung will continue collaborating with other industry players to develop and standardise CXL memory products while promoting a more secure ecosystem.

“As an active member of the CXL Consortium, Lenovo is committed to developing this important standard and aiding in the creation of the ecosystem around the new CXL interconnect,” says Greg Huff, Chief Technology Officer, Lenovo Infrastructure Solutions Group. We are honoured to participate in Samsung’s CXL development program, which encourages the creation and application of cutting-edge CXL products in upcoming Lenovo systems.

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