31 New Emojis Proposed to join iOS and Android

Up to 31 new emojis, including a shaking face, pushing hands, and a pink heart, may be released for iOS and Android in the next year.

The selection of new emojis for Emoji 15 is presently being considered by the Unicode Consortium. Some possible new additions are a light blue heart, a grey heart, a donkey, a moose, a black bird, a jellyfish, a hair pick, a maraca, a flute, a folding hand fan, a pea pod, a hyacinth, a ginger, a goose, a wing, and a khanda.

Although the final designs will differ depending on what big corporations like Apple and Google decide, Emojipedia has produced examples of the potential emojis:

31 New Emojis Proposed to join iOS and Android-featured (1)

Since the new additions are still in the draught stage, each emoji is susceptible to change before being approved in its final form. The list of new emojis will be finalised by the Unicode Consortium in September, although most draught contenders in prior years have been approved as predicted.

When the new emojis are confirmed, Apple will have to update watchOS, iOS, iPadOS, and macOS in order to support them. This is anticipated to happen in the start of 2019.

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