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How to use find my phone on Android

In Google’s Android operating system, Find My Device is a helpful feature that works with both tablets and smartphones to help you find your phone. Learn how to use find my phone on Android functionality with this article.

Using a computer or another Android device to find your devices is simple thanks to Android’s Find My Smartphone feature. Before you can use this function to find a variety of devices, your Android phone needs to be configured.

How do I set up Find My Device on Android?

Before using the Find My Device feature on your Android smartphone, you must first activate it.

To do this, go the settings menu on your smartphone. Locate and enable the Find My Device option by going to Settings > Security on your Android phone.

I can’t find this feature on my device.

If the settings for this feature are not visible, your manufacturer may have installed a different application. You may still use the Google Find My app, which is still available for free download from the Google Play store; further information is available here.

Once you have completed installing the app, simply follow the directions above to enable it in settings. Go to Settings > Security > Find My Device to enable the feature.

How do I use this feature to find my Phone?

Once the feature is activated and the app is downloaded to your Android phone, you may instantly locate the device if you misplace it.

You can check on your device directly from Google’s website or from within the app on another Android device, such a tablet, if you’ve enabled the feature. Click this link to see Google’s Find My Site.

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