Apple Store glitches leave some unable to reserve the iPhone 14, over 3 hours after pre-orders started

At 5 a.m. PDT, pre-orders for the iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro began. However, more than three hours later, some customers are still unable to complete the pre-order process because of problems with the online Apple Store, specifically the iPhone Upgrade Program, which displays an error message stating that the reservation service is unavailable.

On Apple.com, consumers in the UK trying to book an iPhone under the iPhone Upgrade Program for in-store pickup encounter a barrier that stops them after they choose their preferred model and configuration and displays the message “We’re sorry, but this service is temporarily unavailable. ” Please return at a later time.

Apple.com indicates that there are very few Apple Store locations offering launch day pickup options for the new devices, which will be delivered to lucky customers who managed to secure the first wave of pre-order stock starting on Friday, September 16. Shipping estimates for the new devices have quickly slipped into October for most, if not all, colours and configurations.

The supply of the iPhone 14 from Apple and other merchants is running out minute by minute.

It’s not unusual for pre-order stock of Apple’s new products to sell out quickly, but the situation has gotten worse as a result of the earlier online Apple Store problems, which caused many people to miss out on launch day availability due to payment errors, Apple Store check-in window slots, or a delay in the Apple Store becoming accessible after it was temporarily pulled in the hours prior to pre-orders starting.

Before placing any orders, clients in some circumstances saw error messages stating that their reservation limit had been surpassed. In other instances, users would go to the checkout page only to be returned to the main Apple Store screen, losing their selected pick-up time.

Launch stock is scarce, as it is with all Apple pre-orders, and many people have complained that technological difficulties prevented them from pre-ordering the model or configuration they had wanted.

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