WhatsApp Group Admins Can Delete Any Message for Everyone in Latest Beta

According to WABetaInfo, WhatsApp has released a new group chat feature to iOS beta users that allows group administrators to erase messages from other members.

With its most recent upgrade, WhatsApp has been hard at work expanding its group chat capabilities. This new addition intends to make it easier for group administrators to control chats, which may include up to 256 users.

A new “delete for everyone” option in the delete menu popover will allow beta testers who have been granted “group admin delete” rights to remove any recent message from a chat group in which they are an admin.

Members of the group are informed in the thread that a specific group admin deleted the message when a message is deleted for everyone in the group.

A new feature in the most recent beta is the option to display Status updates in the conversation list. Similar to WhatsApp Stories, Status updates allow users of the app to publish pictures and videos that vanish after a day.

WhatsApp Group Admins Can Delete Any Message for Everyone in Latest Beta-1

As per usual, WhatsApp hasn’t provided any information on when these new capabilities will be made available to the general public while they are being developed with the help of its beta testers.

In the most recent significant upgrade, WhatsApp users gained the option to individually control the display of their “Last Seen” status and a method for secretly exiting group conversations without alerting other group members. WhatsApp is also working on a new Mac version with native support for Apple hardware.

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