Phil Schiller says WWDC costs Apple $50m each year

According to Apple Fellow Phil Schiller, who testified on Monday in Apple’s legal dispute with Epic Games, the company spends around $50 million annually to organise WWDC.

According to Protocol, Schiller testified that each WWDC conference costs Apple a staggering $50 million and that the expense is not applied to the App Store or taken into account when calculating operating expenses. He was most likely referring to the in-person conferences Apple held prior to the coronavirus pandemic.

In addition, according to Schiller’s statement, Apple intends to establish a new developer hub at Apple Park where app developers may get assistance from Apple while creating their apps. On the lab or when it would open, not many specifics were provided.

Another interesting fact revealed during the trial is the existence of a 5,000-person team at Apple devoted to handling refunds.

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