Snowbot robot snow blower $899

Hanyang Robotics’ brand-new snowblower robot will make the never-fun task of clearing heavy snow from your road or sidewalk. Snowbot is a smart snowblower robot that can clear your driveway on its own and recharge itself when its battery runs out of power. A companion app for Android and iOS devices is also included with the robot, making it simple to manage and monitor the device from a distance.

Utilizing cutting-edge communication technology and artificial intelligence, Snowbot makes sure your drive is clean when you need it. View the demonstration video below to learn more about the design, attributes, and technology of the robotic snowblower. “Snowbot technology gives unique qualities with full automation of snow removal activities to do away with the inefficiencies in the usual manual gas and electric snow blowers,” says the company.

Early bird pledges begin at $899, or around £700, and provide a 50% discount off the MSRP of $1,799; shipping to all nations is planned to commence in October 2020. The development team offers further details on the driving force behind the robot snowblower. A family-sized snowblower robot hasn’t exactly been seen on the market yet. Lawnmowers and public snow robots are among the various robotic household appliances with prices ranging from $1999 to $4999. To design an affordable, family-friendly snow blower robot, we spent a lot of time iterating the device. In the end, we produced a snowbot that worked well and was affordable.

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