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How to check your iPhone battery health

This guidebook teaches how to properly charge your iPhone and how to check your iPhone battery health

The iPhone and other smartphones’ batteries steadily degrade with use; the more frequently they are charged, the worse they get. The smartphone’s charging technique has an impact on how quickly the battery might degrade.

There are several things you can do to make sure your battery lasts longer, and some of these features are already included in Apple and other manufacturers’ products.

Apple has a feature where you can check the condition of your iPhone battery and adjust how the device charges to make sure you get the most battery life out of your smartphone.

How do you check iPhone battery health?

Your iPhone’s settings menu makes it simple to complete this task. To view the battery’s current status, head to Settings > Battery, then Battery Health.

My iPhone’s battery health is at 95%, as you can see in the image above. You can see the iPhone battery’s maximum capacity from here. This isn’t that bad considering the device is an iPhone 11 Pro Max from 2019. I’ve been using Apple’s Optimized Battery Charging ever since it became available, and it clearly affects the health of your battery, which is one of the reasons for this.

How do you set up Optimized Battery Charging and what is it?

Optimized Battery Charging may be set up on your iPhone by going to Settings > Battery and selecting it. Once the feature is set up, your iPhone will learn how you use it while it is charging and when is the best time to do so.

When you wake up with an iPhone that has been changed while you slept, it will be 80% charged, and it will be 20% charged right before you head off for work. The battery in your iPhone is under the most stress when it is still charging at full capacity, thus doing this prolongs the life of the battery.

The device’s ability to be partially charged if you deviate from your timetable, albeit this is a pleasant feature that works well, is the sole disadvantage. You should keep this in mind if you wish to break from your routine. For example, if I get up at 4 am instead of 6 am, my iPhone could not be completely charged.

How do I see what apps are using up my iPhone battery?

Go to Settings > Energy and scroll down to see which apps are using up the most battery life on your iPhone. Following that, you will get a list of the applications that have used up the most battery power during the last 24 and previous 10 days.

You can then figure out which programmes use your battery more than others. These are often the applications you use the most, however on occasion, if there is a bug in the programme, it can be using more power than it should.

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