Nintendo Switch can now unofficially run the Android 10 operating system

Android fans and Nintendo Switch owners may find it intriguing to learn that Android 10 has just been unofficially ported to the Switch. If desired, the LineageOS 17.1 version for Android 10 may now be easily installed on your Nintendo Switch system thanks to the SwitchRoot development team.

Installing this build requires a PC, a fast microSD card (formatted to FAT32), an RCM-capable Nintendo Switch, and a USB-C connection. If you currently have Android 8.1 Oreo loaded on your SD card, be careful to back up your data before downloading the Android 10 build since flashing this new ROM will destroy all of your data. If you use an Xbox controller, flash the ROM first, then the Google Apps package, the Alarm Disable ZIP, then the Xbox Joycon Layout ZIP.

Utilize your Nintendo Switch with Android 10

Once installed, the unofficial LineageOS 17.1 Nintendo Switch ports provide you access to the following features:

  • Lineage 17.1-based Android 10
  • Updates through OTA.
  • Complete analogue stick and rail compatibility for Joy-Con and Pro Controllers.
  • Support for Hori Joy-Con.
  • Weeklong stretches of deep slumber.
  • A version based on Android TV.
  • Fan profiles were redesigned to operate more quietly.
  • Resolution scaling for improved dock compatibility.
  • A newly developed charger driver that supports USB-PD and external docks.
  • Touch screen driver optimization.
  • Hekate partition tool makes installation simpler.
  • Redesigned, easier power profiles.
  • Significantly enhanced WiFi driver with less dropouts.
  • Support for the Shield TV remote app for simple docked control.
  • Reboot to support payload.
  • Better Bluetooth accuracy

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