iOS 16.2 adds a new Sleep widget for your Lock Screen, a Medications widget [U]

Yesterday, the first developer beta of iOS 16.2 was released, bringing several new improvements and additions. The update, it turns out, adds a new Lock Screen widget option for Sleep information from the Health app. Another new widget for medications will be available shortly.


The initial beta of iOS 16.2 comes with the new Sleep widget for the Lock Screen. To rapidly access your sleep statistics, add it to your iPhone’s lock screen. There are two options: one displays a collection of graphs for the last seven nights’ worth of sleep data, while the other provides a more detailed analysis of the previous night.

The Home Screen widget is now joined by the new Sleep widget on the Lock Screen. With the launch of iOS 15 last year, the Sleep widget’s Home Screen variant was added.


Apple is developing a medication widget in addition to the Sleep widget for the Lock Screen. Code for iOS 16.2 beta 1 had hints of this new medication-related widget, according to 9to5Mac. The Medicines widget isn’t accessible right now. It’s also not clear if it will be a widget for the Lock Screen, the Home Screen, or both.

In iOS 16, Apple improved the management of your medications. The Health app has the capability built right in. You may enter your prescriptions, create a schedule and get reminders, and find out whether any of the drugs on your list might interact with one another. The app will also alert you to possible drug interactions with substances like alcohol and marijuana.

Although it’s unclear when Apple will formally incorporate this new medication widget into iOS, iOS 16.2 beta 1 has a large portion of the necessary code. As a result, the widget will likely be released shortly, probably with an upcoming beta of iOS 16.2.

How to add and schedule a new medication on iOS 16

How to add and schedule a new medication on iOS 16

Follow the instructions below after making sure your iPhone is up to date and running iOS 16 to track your medications.

The Browse tab may be accessed by opening the Health app.

To begin or continue building your list, select Mediations > Add a Medicine.

Use the iPhone’s camera (only in the U.S.) to recognise and log the medication by typing its name into the Search area.

Then, if desired, select a timetable and modify the medication’s visual representation by following the onscreen instructions.

This week, Apple distributed iOS 16.2 beta 1 to developers and beta testers. The update comes with a new Sleep widget for the iOS 16 Lock Screen, Live Activities with more frequent updates, Freeform, and reports on unintentionally triggering Emergency SOS.


Updated Live Activities are now accessible as a Lock Screen and Home Screen widget with the release of iOS 16.2.

Since the iOS 16.1 update included your favourite sports games, the widget may be updated with real-time information about them.

Apple customers may see Sports score updates on Apple TV using the most recent version. You can obtain the most recent information on NBA, English Premier League, and MLB games if you live in the US or Canada.



The Freeform app is another intriguing feature that Apple has shown. Users may build boards, doodle ideas, include media files, and attach various documents using the whiteboard tool.

The software is a virtual flexible canvas with a variety of brushes and colour possibilities for idea generation and user collaboration.

A variety of media types, including online links, video, music, documents, PDF files, sticky notes, and diagrams are supported by the programme.

The most recent version also includes enhanced iCloud data encryption and a brand-new karaoke function called Apple Music Sing.

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