iPad not charging? Here are 6 ways to fix it

The iPad won’t charge or just charges slowly. Here are six fixes for an iPad that won’t charge regularly, regardless of whether you’re experiencing problems with a specific charging cable, numerous cables or chargers, or only sometimes.

Your iPad charges using either a Lightning or USB-C connection, depending on which model you have. You may use either side of the cable because both are reversible.

The most frequent problems that might prevent your iPad from charging as intended are covered here.

Note: A 20W power adapter for modern iPads is included in the box. It will charge more slowly than usual if you use one that is less strong.

iPad not charging: 6 solutions

iPad not charging 6 solutions

  1. Check to see whether your iPad isn’t too hot or too chilly.
  • The ideal ambient temperature range for iPad is 32o to 95o F.
  1. Try charging using the Lightning or USB-C cable’s other side with a power adapter inserted into a wall socket you are confident is functioning.
  • Apple claims that you may need to keep it plugged in for 30 minutes, but in practice, you can usually tell if it’s charging after 5 to 10 minutes.
  1. If it still won’t charge, try a different outlet or a second cable or power adapter, if you have any.
  2. Inspect for buildup or debris in the Lightning or USB-C port.
  • You may use an iPhone camera or a magnifying glass to peek inside the port if necessary.
  • Be cautious while clearing away any lint, dirt, etc. as doing so might harm the charging pins; a gentle plastic dental pick works well in this situation.
  • Take your iPad to an Apple Store, or an Apple Authorized Service Provider, or contact Apple Help if you’re uncomfortable cleaning out the charging port.
  • If you possess an iPad Air or iPad Pro that is equipped with a Magic Keyboard, you should connect your iPad to the keyboard and plug in your cable at the side of the device, as seen in the image below.
  • Restart your iPad forcibly
  • If your iPad lacks a Home button, swiftly press and release the volume button that is closest to the top button. The volume control that is furthest from the top button should be pressed and rapidly released. Hold down the top button while you wait for your iPad to restart.
  • Push and hold the top/side button and the Home button on an iPad with a Home button until the Apple logo appears.

Visit an Apple Store, or an Apple Authorized Service Provider, or contact Apple Help if your iPad is still not charging or responding to the force restart.

Repairing Your iPad

Repairing Your iPad

Sadly, a sequence of software troubleshooting methods cannot always resolve an iPad charging issue. Your iPad may occasionally need to be repaired.

An iPad that has recently been exposed to water or another liquid is one of the most frequent causes of charging issues. The connections within the charging port on your iPad may become permanently damaged by that liquid, rendering it incapable of being charged.

If you need to repair your iPad, we advise going via Apple. Apple offers assistance in person, online, and by mail. If you want to visit your local Apple Store, make sure to make an appointment. Without a scheduled appointment, you can find yourself waiting about for a while.

Taking Charge

Your iPad is currently recharging. The next time your iPad won’t charge, you’ll be able to solve the issue with ease. Please let us know why your iPad was not charging by leaving a comment below or by sharing this information on social media.

Final Take!

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