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How to fix an iPhone that is not charging

Your iPhone may not be charging for a variety of reasons, but thankfully there are a number of remedies we may try to get your device to start charging once again.

An iPhone that won’t charge might have a number of simple reasons, such as issues with your charger, the charging cable, or even the iPhone’s charging port. With the aid of this guide, you should be able to figure out what could be wrong with your iPhone and fix it so that it can resume charging.

There may be something in the iPhone charging port

One of the most common causes of iPhone charging issues is the charging connection. When your smartphone is plugged in, the port may easily gather debris from your pockets, such as lint and grime, which will stop it from charging. Even though, if you look inside the charging port, you usually won’t see this debris, it might be a serious problem with iPhones that won’t charge and is easily fixable.

The simplest way to check whether anything is impeding your iPhone’s charging port is to slip a wooden or plastic toothpick into it.

Slide the pick into the charging port cautiously to prevent breaking anything. Even if they are made of metal, it is better to choose materials like wood or plastic that are less likely to damage the port. The iPhone SIM tool that comes with your smartphone is another option. If it doesn’t function, there could be another issue.

There is a problem with the charger or lightning cable

An issue with the charger or lightning connection on your iPhone is another probable reason why it won’t charge. Replacing the cable, charger, or both with a new one is the simplest way to find out whether this is the issue.

If you don’t have an extra lightning cable, try connecting your iPhone to your computer using that one. If the charger charges, the cable is OK, but it’s broken. A spare smartphone charger and lightning wire are always helpful. To find out whether the issue is with your charger or cable, it could be a good idea to borrow one from a friend or colleague if you don’t already have one.

You may also test your charger and cable on a different device, such as a friend’s device. The cord and charger are in excellent condition if it charges their gadget but not yours.

Software may be causing the issue, try a hard reset

Your iPhone may sometimes not be able to charge due to a software issue; you may try doing a hard reset to see if this will resolve the issue. You may use our useful instructions to do a hard reset on any iPhone model.

Your iPhone should start to charge when you plug it in and restart your device, supposing the problem has been fixed.

My iPhone won’t charge because of a hardware problem.

Another explanation for why your iPhone could not be charging is because the phone’s hardware, which may include the charging port or other components, has a problem.

The iPhone won’t charge until you take it to an Apple Store, an Apple-approved repairer, or a third-party repair facility where they can examine it and figure out why. If you’ve tried all of the aforementioned solutions and none of them have worked, it will be prudent to take it to an Apple Store or repair facility.

If you found this information interesting and if it assisted any of you in getting your iPhone charging and working once again, kindly leave a comment below and let us know. For further information on how to fix your iPhone or iPod’s charging issue, go to the Apple website. We really hope that this lesson was beneficial to you and helped you recharge your iPhone.

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