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How to clean your iPhone charging port correctly

If you’ve previously checked your charging wire but your iPhone is still having difficulties to clean your iPhone charging port . It could be beneficial to make sure your phone’s charging port is clear of any obstructions or fluff. Sometimes it’s necessary to clean your iPhone’s charging port a little more thoroughly than just blowing into it. Therefore, cleaning the connection might be the answer if you’re having trouble using a cable to charge, backup, or sync your phone with your MacBook computer.

You may charge, back up, and synchronize your data once more by following the quick instructions in this article on how to properly clean an iPhone charging port. Anyone who has used an iPhone for a while is aware that periodically lint or fluff from your clothing or pockets may enter the iPhone charging port, demanding careful removal.

Giving the charging port a light blow will usually do the trick while you’re on the go to remove any loose dust or fluff. When necessary, a toothpick, cotton bud, or can of pressurized air can be used to quickly perform a more thorough clean. Providing you take great care not to scratch the port’s internal components.

Before you start

Before you start cleaning the charging port, it is essential to turn off and shut down your iPhone by going to Settings > General > Shut Down. If a magnifying glass is available, use it to examine the charging port with a torch to see if you can see the lint or other object that is causing the problem. This will make it much easier to remove instead of just poking about randomly or blowing on the port in the hopes that your efforts will clear it.

If you’re unsure about how to clean your iPhone’s charging port, always ask the Apple Genius bar for advice. The employees at an Apple Store will check and clean the port for you if you can visit one. I think utilizing a can of compressed air is the easiest way to remove dirt and debris from the charging port on your iPhone, even though cleaning and caring for the port is easy and shouldn’t be an issue if you are cautious. Additionally, it avoids the risk of accidentally injuring any of the charging components inside the port, which might result in far more serious issues and costly consequences.

Clean iPhone charging port

You are now ready to start cleaning the iPhone’s charging port. All you need to do, if you have access to a can of compressed air, is use the tape that was typically soldered to the can’s side to join the extension straw to the nozzle. Hold the straw close enough to the port and hold the air can upside down to ensure that air enters the port. Then, using one or two brief, sharp bursts of air, try to move the dirt and lint.

After a little interval or after determining whether it has been relocated, try it again. Sometimes liquid spills from the container because of how chilly the compressed air is. Avoid getting this liquid on the Lightning port of your iPhone even though it will immediately evaporate and disappear.

Once you are confident that the lint and dirt have been effectively cleaned, turn your iPhone back on and check to see whether the issues you were experiencing with charging and synchronizing have been fixed. If not, keep trying until the charging begins.

You could try using a toothpick or similar non-metal item to push the dirt out of the way if the issue still exists after multiple attempts to clean the port. When attempting to carefully remove any dirt with rolled-up paper, take careful not to leave any paper pieces behind. Roll the paper to a point and gently wiggle the toothpick or paper point within the charging port of your iPhone to remove any debris that may be lodged inside.

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