Apple promoting iPhone 13 durability in new ‘Run Baby Run’ ad

With the adorable new “Run Baby Run” commercial, Apple is bolstering its “Relax, it’s iPhone” marketing campaign by highlighting the toughness of the iPhone 13. The commercial specifically highlights how the device can withstand drops on hard surfaces because of the Ceramic Shield display, which provides 4x drop protection compared to earlier iPhone models.

In the advertisement, a little child is shown picking up an iPhone from a coffee table at home before throwing it on the floor. The youngster then runs around the home with the iPhone video, which shows the device being dumped into the kitchen sink, smashed against the edge of a crib, and banged over piano keys before being scooped up by the child’s mom.

The advertisement, which is set to the music “Chitty Bang” by Leikeli47, has views from the front and rear cameras as the parent chases after the kid as she runs amok around the home. It ends with the phrase “Toddler resistant.” Unwind, it’s an iPhone.

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