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Mirror your iPhone screen to TV without Apple TV

Owners of Apple iOS devices who would like to mirror their iPhone screen to a large-screen television but do not have an Apple TV. You’ll be glad to know that if your TV is Apple AirPlay 2 compatible, many TVs released in 2018 and after will also be AirPlay compatible, including models from Sony, Samsung, and LG.

For those of you who aren’t know, Apple Airplay is a technology that enables the transfer of media files, including movies, music, photos, and more, across Apple devices. Apple created it for its line of Mac computers and iOS gadgets. You may view the screen of your iPhone on smart TVs by simply hitting the AirPlay icon on your Apple device.

You may easily mirror the screen of your iPad or iPhone onto the TV without purchasing any extra Apple goods or adapters if you are aware that you’re TV supports AirPlay 2. Simply follow the steps below to transmit a movie, photo, or stream content from other applications to your big-screen TV and have it display exactly what is on your iPhone screen.

Mirror iPhone screen to TV

  1. Ensure that your iPhone and big-screen TV are connected to the same network.
  2. From the top right corner of your iPhone, slide downward to open the Control Center screen.
  3. Select the icon for Screen Mirror (two overlapping rectangles).
  4. Select your TV from the list of AirPlay 2 supported devices. You may need to enable AirPlay on your device before you can stream content to your TV. To do this operation on a Samsung TV, go to Settings > General > Apple AirPlay.
  5. Your TV screen may display a code. Enter this on your iPhone to enable streaming and mirroring of content.
  6. If your TV is on the same network as the other devices but is not listed, it could not support AirPlay 2. If so, use one of the third-party apps listed below, or an app combined with a piece of hardware like a Chromecast adapter or Roku set-top box.
  7. Slide down from the top right corner to open the Control Centre area and restart mirroring from your iPhone. Tap Screen Mirroring, then choose Stop Mirroring.

Connect your iPhone to a TV using third-party app

There are a variety of apps available to mirror iPhone content to your TV if your TV doesn’t support AirPlay 2. For instance, AirPlay 2 allows you to connect to set-top boxes like the Roku or Chromecast. Before going anywhere else, use these programmes and any equipment you may already have since they will provide the fastest, lag-free connections. The Roku TVs made by a number of different manufacturers all enable AirPlay 2 mirroring from your iPhone to the Roku TV.

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