IPhone 14 pre-orders begin updating to ‘Preparing to Ship

A few consumers have taken to social media to post images of the Apple Store app, which now displays their orders at the “Preparing to Ship” stage, indicating that Apple has begun revising the order statuses for certain iPhone 14 pre-orders.

The new gadgets may be ordered and picked up in-store starting on Friday, September 16. Orders cannot be cancelled after they reach the “Preparing to Ship” phase, and Apple starts packing them up and preparing them for delivery.

The order status will probably not change to “Preparing to Ship” for all customers who pre-ordered an iPhone 14 or iPhone 14 Pro with launch day delivery just yet. It takes Apple some time to process all of the orders submitted as soon as the online Apple Store opened on Friday since the statuses vary as and when each individual purchase is handled.

With relatively few Apple Store locations providing launch day pickup options for the new devices, shipping estimates for the majority, if not all, colours and combinations of the new devices have swiftly slid into October, according to Apple.com.

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