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How to fix an iPhone with a yellow battery

Have you ever noticed that the iPhone battery is yellow rather than the typical colour? This has a reason, and it can be fixed easily. This article explores the root of the yellow display on your iPhone battery and provides remedies.

Many individuals wonder whether there is an issue with their iPhone or with their iPhone when the battery on their iPhone turns yellow. You shouldn’t be alarmed if you notice a yellow battery indicator like the one in the picture above.

Why has the battery indicator on my iPhone turned yellow?

When you need extra power from your iPhone but don’t want to totally deplete the battery, you may choose low power mode, which is indicated by a yellow battery indicator.

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When your iPhone’s battery life drops to around 20%, you may choose to switch to low power mode. Unknowingly using this setting may cause people to question why the battery indicator on their smartphone has turned yellow.

How do I get my iPhone battery back to its normal color?

It’s easy to fix; to get rid of the yellow battery on your smartphone, just turn off low power mode and go back to regular battery mode.

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Go to Settings and turn the low power mode toggle off to force your smartphone back to standard battery status. For an illustration, see the picture below.

What is low power mode and when should I use it?

You may use the low power mode, a helpful option, when the battery on your iPhone starts to run low. When you go to low power mode on your smartphone, a number of functions are disabled to save battery life.

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Low power mode reduces the energy usage of some iPhone visual effects as well as background app refresh, email fetch, automatic downloads, and brief pauses of iCloud photos.

You can read more about how to utilize Low Power Mode on your iPhone and how it could help you when your battery is getting low on Apple’s website.

We hope this clarifies the reason why the battery on your iPhone is changing colour as well as how to make it go back to its normal hue. We also hope that you will find the knowledge about it to be useful in order to make use of the Low Power Mode on your iPhone when you need a little bit more power.

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