How to block text messages on iPhone

We described how to end calls on the iPhone in an earlier post, and in this one, we’ll show you how to halt text messages. This article aims to clarify what you need do in order to avoid getting annoying SMS, including spam.

Unfortunately, in addition to telemarketers’ calls, a lot of iPhone users also get unwanted text messages. These typically take the form of texts intended to market products or services, as well as texts intended to deceive you into visiting specific websites.

On your iPhone, there are several different steps you can take to block these unwanted text messages. Either filter unwanted messages or limit the number of texts you receive are options.

How do I block text messages from someone on the iPhone?

If you get a text message on your iPhone from someone you want to block, you must open it. Select the symbol in the message that has the sender’s name or phone number below it after opening it.

Clicking Info on the right side of the screen will now take you to a new screen where you have the choice to Block this Caller. After selecting this, choose Block Contact. The ability to call your iPhone and send texts from that phone number will both be disabled.

How do you unblock a blocked contact on the iPhone?

If you decide to allow someone to send you SMS once more, you can always unblock them on your iPhone.

To unblock someone on an iPhone, you must select their phone number from your list of prohibited contacts. You may accomplish this on your iPhone by going to Settings > Messages > Blocked Contacts.

The list of phone numbers and people you have prohibited from texting you will then show up. When you choose Edit, a red delete icon will appear next to the phone numbers. By choosing this, the contact or number will be removed from your list of prohibited contacts. After that, you might get calls from that person or number.

How do you filter all unwanted text messages on the iPhone?

There is an extra feature on the iPhone that will make sure you filter out any unwanted calls and texts. To do this, filter your messages so that you only get texts from people you know.

On your phone, go to Settings > Messages and choose the option to Filter Unknown Senders. Then, all communications from these senders will be added to a different list.

If you activate this setting, you won’t be able to open any links that are sent to you in these messages; instead, you’ll need to add the recipient’s phone number to your contacts list in order to have access to the link.

How do you report spam messages on the iPhone?

Apple has a useful feature on the iPhone that lets you report spam and unwanted text messages. Regular text messages are not supported; only iMessage communications are covered by this functionality.

By doing this, the message will be promptly deleted and reported to Apple as spam. To accomplish this, click Report Junk after selecting the message under Messages.

We supply you with this post on how to stop unsolicited text messages on the iPhone in the hopes that it will be useful to you in lowering spam. For further details on these features, go to the Apple website. If you have any questions, kindly leave a comment below. Users of Apple phones who wish to postpone the sending of a text message might like our simple tutorial, which may be interested in our quick guide which shows how to schedule iPhone text messages to send later.

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