ArcDroid CNC desktop plasma cutter from $2,100

Makers, hobbyists, engineers, and mechanics looking for an easy way to cut through metal as easily as butter may be interested in the ArcDroid, a new desktop CNC plasma cutter created by a team in Toronto, Canada. A wonderful Simple Trace capability on the plasma cutter makes it simple to insert custom designs by just tracing them with the wand arm. The plasma cutter has a special design that makes it easy to set up and use.

26″ x 15″ are the ideal cutting dimensions for ArcDroid (660 x 380 mm). Outside of the predetermined range, the arm’s reach will increase by around 10%, but cutting accuracy will decline. The Z carriage has a 2.5″ lift (65mm). Delivering a maximum rapid move velocity of 350 inches (880 cm) per minute and a maximum typical cutting speed of around 200 inches (500 cm) per minute.

For the odd project, early-bird donations begin at roughly $2105 or £1559. (Subject to prevailing currency rates).

“A good tool shouldn’t need to be updated in order to work. Using an iOS or Android smartphone increases the difficulty of long-term support and the possibility that your device may become out-of-date. We have designed the size of the ArcDroid to cover around 98% of the cuts that the majority of people will want to do in their home shop. The perfect balance of mobility and utility may be found in ArcDroid.

If the ArcDroid fundraising campaign achieves the required pledge level and fulfilment proceeds without any major problems, it is predicted that worldwide shipment will begin sometime in February 2022.

“Yes, you may utilise Fusion 360 and other programmes to create computer produced CAD/CAM files for usage with the ArcDroid. You must use a Post Processor plug-in that works with your programme; you may download a variety of appropriate Post Processors for free from our website. When creating a cut file, be sure you choose “in computer” for cutter compensation.

Significant amounts of RF and electrical noise are produced by plasma cutters and welding equipment, which can disrupt wireless connections. If connected to a control tablet through a shielded connection, your ArcDroid will work practically everywhere as it is immune to this electrical noise. You must provide your own plasma cutter, yes.-

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