Apple offering limited-time $100 Daily Cash bonus to new Apple Card customers

One-sidedly rewarding new Apple Card users with a $100 sign-up bonus when they are recommended to the service by an existing user, Apple has launched a new referral programme for the Apple Card. However, the individual making the reference does not earn any compensation for doing so.

When a new client makes their first purchase within 7 days of being accepted, they are eligible for a one-time $100 Daily Cash cash back incentive. The deal is valid until September 30.

Notably, Apple is not providing any compensation to the referral source despite the fact that the initiative depends on current customers to spread the word.

Those who already have an Apple Card may share a link that takes prospective applicants to a website that says: “It seems like you got an exclusive Apple Card invitation from a friend. Congratulations! You get limitless Daily Cash back from Apple Card on every purchase. The Apple Card has no fees at all, which is maybe the finest part. We’ll also offer you $100 Daily Cash when you make your first purchase within 7 days if you apply using the link below and create a new Apple Card right now, for a very limited period. You may spend your $100 Daily Cash to purchase an Apple Watch Ultra, an iPhone 14 or new AirPods Pro.

Only Americans may use Apple Card. Customers may use their Apple Card to make purchases using Apple Pay on their iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, and Mac, as well as with the optional titanium Apple Card bank card, which is the world’s most secure credit card since it has no printed card number or security code.

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