Apple kicks off ‘Heart Month’ with new Apple Watch Activity Challenge

Beginning on February 14, customers who add 30-minutes to their Exercise ring will get three animated stickers and a virtual trophy in the Fitness app as part of Apple’s Heart Month Apple Watch Activity Challenge.

Today’s Valentine’s Day challenge asks participants to work out for at least 30 minutes in order to be eligible for the one-day incentives.

After a 30-minute activity, Apple often alerts customers that they have finished the Activity Challenge, but sometimes it might take a few hours for the animated stickers and virtual trophy to appear in the Fitness app.

How to record a Workout on Apple Watch

  1. You may pick from 11 pre-set workout kinds when you open the Workouts app on your Apple Watch and touch the sort of activity you are going to do.
  2. Your Apple Watch will do a 3-second countdown after you choose an exercise before starting to record your workout.
  3. The Workouts app will display your workout’s progress along with statistics like the amount of calories you burned, your heart rate, and how long you were active.

Although it’s quite easy to record a workout on the Apple Watch, it’s still easy to forget to do so. When the Apple Watch detects that you are exercising, whether it be a walk, run, swim, or elliptical activity, it will encourage you to record a workout with a touch on your wrist. This feature was introduced with watchOS 5.

Siri can also assist you in beginning a workout. Users need to say things like, “Hey, Siri… Take a five-mile stroll.

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