How to See ‘Spotify Wrapped’ for Apple Music

Spotify, a streaming music service, releases a “Spotify Wrapped” summary of each user’s listening patterns and top tracks each year. Apple Music customers may be interested in learning how to get Spotify Wrapped, a popular year-end feature that Spotify fans like.

Apple does provide “Apple Music Replay,” a tool that lists all of your best songs of the year, but the company does not have a year-end wrap-up like Spotify does.

Every year, often in February, Apple Music Replay is updated. It offers a constantly-changing mix of your favourite songs and is updated each week. By visiting the Apple Music Replay website and logging into Apple Music, you can get the greatest Apple Music Replay experience online.

On the Replay website, you can see information such as your top albums and artists, as well as the amount of hours you spent listening to music last year. You’ll need to capture screenshots if you wish to share these stats on social media.

The Apple Music Replay playlists may be listened to on an iPhone or an iPad, but to get the above-mentioned more extensive information, you must login in online.

  1. Go to the “Listen Now” option in the Apple Music app.
  2. To access “Apple Music Replay,” scroll down.
  3. Choose a list from your replays. Apple provides playlists for each year that you have been an Apple Music subscriber so you can see how your preferences have evolved.

There isn’t an Apple Music counterpart to Spotify Wrapped, which is sad since it compiles all of your year-end data into cute little visuals that can be shared on social media.

Apple Music Replay also lacks the richness of Spotify Wrapped, which offers data on the most popular musicians, musical genres, songs, podcasts, and listening time. Additionally, Spotify offers add-ons like “The Movie,” which matches popular songs with iconic movie moments, and “2021 Wrapped Blend,” which compares each user’s listening preferences with pals.

Since Apple has so far failed to create a proper year-end highlight reel, Replay is the best Apple Music subscribers will receive for the time being. Spotify’s year-end feature is far more thorough than anything Apple provides.

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