YouTube Rolling Out Picture-in-Picture Support on iOS for All U.S. Users Premium Users Globally

YouTube said today that it has begun rolling out picture-in-picture support for all iOS users in the United States, enabling iPhone and iPad users to shut the YouTube app while watching a video and continue seeing the content in a tiny pop-up window while doing other things on their devices.

Picture-in-picture functionality was formerly accessible only to YouTube premium members in the United States, but it is now available to all YouTube users in the United States. To use the picture-in-picture functionality in other countries, a premium membership is necessary. Picture-in-picture is accessible to non-subscribers in the United States for non-music videos, but not for music unless you have a premium membership.

Google stated last year that picture-in-picture functionality will be available to both premium and non-paying YouTube users, and it has been under testing since then, but it took some time for the feature to be introduced for everyone. “We know this has been a long roll out for a much sought feature,” says the picture-in-picture help post. YouTube said that it “wishes to thank everyone who gave comments throughout tests and patiently waited for this day.”

Simply choose a video to view and then quit YouTube by swiping upwards from the bottom of the screen to utilize picture-in-picture. The video will be transferred to a small player, which may be moved about the screen.

The picture-in-picture functionality is already accessible for iPhone and iPad devices running iOS and iPadOS 15 and above, and it will be available in the coming days.

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