T-Mobile vs Verizon: Which carrier is the best pick for iPhone 14 buyers?

When you consider upgrading to an iPhone 14, have you thought about switching carriers? The main US carriers are providing enticing incentives for new customers due to the intense market rivalry. We’ll compare T-Mobile and Verizon in detail below, including topics like how their speeds compare, where to access actual coverage maps, how to rapidly test both providers for free using an iPhone eSIM, and more.

T-Mobile vs Verizon: Which carrier is best for you?

T-Mobile vs Verizon Which carrier is best for you


Here are some guidelines to determine how coverage will be since T-Mobile and Verizon’s coverage maps will appear to be reliable on their websites:

  • Using the impartial, third-party Open signal app to determine coverage.
  • Open signal collects actual data from billions of measurements and millions of sensors.
  • Signal checker offers a rapid coverage comparison.
  • Test the coverage with a free eSIM trial (available with T-Mobile and Visible/Verizon).
  • Speak to loved ones, coworkers, or friends who already use the service you’re thinking about.

For the past ten years, Verizon has maintained its lead in terms of subscriber base and coverage, but T-Mobile has made significant progress thanks to its acquisition of Sprint and rapid 5G rollout. As a result, Verizon has had to play catch-up with T-Mobile in terms of 5G coverage as they try to bring out the more mid-band spectrum.

But, Verizon did provide 5G UWB service earlier this year, and only a few weeks ago, it took top place for quality performance in a J.D. Power survey in 1,700 US cities.


  • If you have access to 5G UWB, Verizon offers the fastest peak speeds.
  • T-Mobile has the best mid-band coverage and the quickest average 5G speeds.

The speed of a carrier will be influenced by a variety of elements, including your location, device, signal strength, network congestion, and more, just like coverage.

Speeds might vary greatly depending on whether you are in a large city or a small village. If you have 5G UWB coverage, Verizon offers the fastest 1,000+ Mbps speeds, while T-Mobile presently has better availability with their more moderately fast mid-band 5G.

Below is a comparison of the three main carriers’ average US speeds as of the summer of 2022, according to research by Okla. and Open signal:

According to Open signal’s findings, the US had an average of 5G download speed as of Q2 2022.

T-Mobile vs Verizon — Pricing

T-Mobile vs Verizon — Pricing

Pricing is the primary distinction between T-Mobile and Verizon. While T-Mobile offers countrywide coverage for cheaper than ever before, Verizon is one of the priciest providers available. This is a table with some quick pricing.

Whichever plan you choose, T-Mobile is the less expensive choice. You may save more money the more lines you add; when you have four lines, you can save up to $10 per line. Even if T-entry-level Mobile’s Essentials plan omits some of the streaming benefits, $26 per line for the unlimited call, text, and data with 5G connectivity is a great deal.

With T-Mobile including Netflix streaming in the mix, the price difference gets even wider for the mid-tier plans. Nevertheless, compared to Verizon’s 25GB of high-speed connectivity, you won’t get as much 4G LTE hotspot access with just 5GB. Go to Verizon if you want the finest benefits available. Keep your T-Mobile service if you want to conserve some green.

T-Mobile gains even more ground in terms of features as you get to the most costly plans, 5G Get More and Magenta Max. It is $8 cheaper per line while providing 40GB of 4G LTE hotspot access. Sadly, Verizon is using some extra costs on customers as a method to counteract the present inflation. The monthly cost of this adds a few dollars per line.

Although you don’t need Apple’s most recent model to join up for Verizon’s exclusive One Unlimited for iPhone plan, it is recommended. When you add a second line, the price reduces from $90 for one line to $75 each month. Costs for three and four lines are corresponding to $60 and $50.

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