New iPhone 15 Will Not Have Always-On Display, Promotion—Lack of LTPO Panels Could Be the Reason

As Apple’s ordinary iPhone 15 models won’t feature an LPTO display, likely, the smartphones won’t support Promotion or have an always-on display option as the company’s Pro models do.

Updated low-power display backlighting that supports Promotion refresh rates between 1Hz and 120Hz was utilized in the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max versions from a year ago. For a smoother, more responsive experience, the refresh rate of the display adjusts to what’s occurring on-screen, with lower rates used for static content and higher rates designated for activities like games and video.

Like last year, only the Pro models in the iPhone 15 series will have the LPTO screens necessary for Promotion, according to a source quoted by the news aggregator account “yeux1122” on the Korean Never site. This suggests that the functionality will continue to be restricted to Apple’s higher-end models. From the blog post’s automatic translation:

According to reports, Apple has already made plans to provide iPhone 15 series display panels to domestic businesses and will soon settle on the specifics and be ready for mass manufacturing. This confirms that only the Pro Series will offer LTPO 120 refresh rate support, with the standard Plus model’s basic specifications not including it.

If true, this regrettably indicates that the always-on display option will also continue to be a Pro-only feature, as it is the improved LPTO panels’ 1Hz refresh rate capabilities that allow an idle Lock Screen to remain visible without considerably draining the battery.

The industry source cited by the Never blog supports the predictions of renowned display analyst Ross Young, who stated in September 2022 that while he anticipates Dynamic Island to be present on all iPhone 15 models, production scale restrictions will probably prevent Apple from including LPTO panels across the board.

Ming-Chi Kuo claims that the LTPO panels for expensive iPhones wouldn’t be available in large quantities from Apple’s Chinese supplier BOE, which has received contracts for the iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Plus, until at least 2024.

On the positive side, one report claims that all iPhone 15 models would come with a more power-efficient OLED display driver chip made using a 28nm technology as opposed to a 40nm process for current models. The 28nm chip’s main advantage would be lower power consumption, which would help iPhone 15 models’ batteries last longer.

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New iPhone 15 Will Not Have Always-On Display, ProMotion?

New iPhone 15 Will Not Have Always-On Display, ProMotion

According to the most recent rumor from MacRumors, the always-on display and ProMotion will only be available on iPhone 15 Pro versions, according to the Korean Never news aggregator account yeux1122.

This indicates that these cutting-edge capabilities won’t be available on the basic iPhone 15.

The Pro Series is the only one that can handle the LTPO 120 refresh rate, while the standard Plus model does not meet those specifications, according to the tech blogger’s official post.

Even said, a lot of tech aficionados think the non-Pro iPhone 15 models will still come with a more power-efficient OLED display.

This screen is anticipated to contain a driver chip made using a 28nm manufacturing technique, enabling the display to use less power.

iPhone 15 to Arrive This 2023

iPhone 15 to Arrive This 2023

Apple is anticipated to release its new iPhone 15 series sometime in September.

Based on the tech manufacturer’s most current launch schedule, this anticipated release date was determined.

Of course, this is still subject to change based on the iPhone manufacturer’s ultimate choice.

Even though the next iPhone 15 won’t be available for some months, several tech enthusiasts and skeptics have already highlighted potential features.

They include of Wi-Fi 6E connection, a Qualcomm 5G model processor, and many others.

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It is anticipated that the forthcoming iPhone 16 Pro would incorporate Face ID under the display.

Meanwhile, a Dynamic Island feature for the iPhone 15’s non-Pro variants was hinted at by leaked renderings of the next iOS smartphone.

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