iPad 10 vs 9 vs iPad Air: Which is the best pick?

The 9th-gen iPad is still available, and there is still the 2022 iPad Air to take into account, even if the 10th-gen iPad has a tonne of fantastic enhancements. The iPad 10 could provide a sweet spot for contemporary features at a reasonable cost, though. To assist you with making the best decision, we’ve outlined all the features of the iPad 10, 9, and iPad Air below.

Several individuals were encouraged to forego the 11-inch iPad Pro because of the 2022 iPad Air, which blurred the distinction between the less expensive iPads and the Pro devices. Nevertheless, the entry-level iPad 9 maintained the previous design, complete with wide bezels and a Home button.


The 10.9-inch Liquid Retina Display on the iPad 10th generation has a resolution of 2360*1640, which is 0.7 inches larger than the 10.2-inch Liquid Retina Display on the iPad 9th generation, which has a resolution of 2160*1620. You now have a wide-angle view on your screen as a result. Hence, viewing has improved thanks to the iPad 10 display screen.



As compared to the iPad 9, the iPad 10’s design exhibits a completely new viewpoint. While the iPad 9 still had the huge bezels, thin frames, and Touch ID in the middle of the device, things are very different with the iPad 10 since it has a flat edge with rounded edges and is considerably smaller than the iPad 9. Moreover, the iPad 10’s touch ID is similar to that of the iPad Air in that it is located at the top of the tablet.


For shooting films up to 30 frames per second and 4K video recordings, the iPad 10 camera includes a smart HDR 3 and has an enhanced dynamic range. Moreover, it supports 1080p 120 or 240 frame-per-second slow motion (slo-mo) video. While supporting 720p at 120 frames per second slow-motion films, the iPad 9 only supports HDR and can capture videos in 1080p. Its lack of an expanded dynamic range is a drawback.

While the iPad 9’s front camera only has 12MP, f/2.4 aperture, and HDR, the iPad 10’s front camera includes smart HDR 3, allowing you to snap images in landscape mode rather than portrait mode.

The iPad 10 has a 12MP wide camera with a focal length of 1.8 (f/1.8), whereas the iPad 9 has an 8MP wide camera with a focal length of 2.4 (f/2.4).


The iPad 10 weighs 477 grams and measures 248.6*179.5*7 mm, making it a lighter tablet than the iPad 9, which weighs 487 grams and has dimensions 250.6*174.1*7.5 mm. This benefits consumers who like using portable technology.


iPad 10 vs 9 vs iPad Air Accessories

The iPad 10 will come with a new magic keyboard folio case, which the iPad 9 does not. Regrettably, there was no improvement made to the iPad 10’s Apple Pencil compatibility; it still only works with the original Apple Pencil. Also, the absence of headphone jacks in the iPad 10 suggests that Apple has abandoned its use of them.


Both iPads have comparable battery lives of 10 hours on Wi-Fi and 9 hours on your cellular network, respectively.


One of the obvious changes made to the iPad 10 is the color. With the addition of two additional dazzling hues to the iPad 10, it departs from the standard color that Apple employs for its iPads.

The iPad 10th generation is offered in four distinct hues: blue, pink, silver, and yellow. Although the Space Gray and Silver hues of the 9th generation iPad are the only ones offered.


This can be the deciding aspect in your selection. A 64GB + Wi-Fi iPad 9 costs $329, a 64GB + cellular iPad 9 costs $459, a 256GB + Wi-Fi iPad 9 costs $609, and a 256GB + cellular iPad 9 costs $479. A 64GB + Wi-Fi variant of the iPad 10 costs $449, a 64GB + cellular model costs $599, a 256GB + Wi-Fi model costs $599, and a 256GB +, cellular model costs $749.

There you have it, then. After reading about the changes between the two iPads, you can decide whether you think the new features of the iPad 10 are worth paying an extra $120. The iPad 9 is your best option, nevertheless, if you have a limited budget and don’t mind the features. I hope that whatever choice you select, you will be satisfied with the result.

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