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How to view your Apple purchases and request refunds if needed

Keeping track of your mobile device purchases for software, movies, music, books, and other products on your iOS device may sometimes be difficult. If you wish to review the purchases you’ve made on your Apple devices, you may be interested to know that Apple makes it very easy to request refunds and check through your whole Apple purchase history.

If you adhere to the directions in this brief lesson, you should be able to view any Apple purchases you’ve made on your iPhone, iPad, iPod, Mac, or MacBook. You’ll be pleased to know that Apple has created a specific homepage where you can log in with your Apple ID and see all of your previous purchases made via Apple.

View your Apple purchases

  1. Start by going to “Settings.”
  2. Select the banner with your Name and Apple ID at the page’s top.
  3. Select “Media & Purchases” 3. 3.
  4. Select “View Account” from the pop-up menu at the bottom of the screen.
  5. Select “Purchase History” after briefly browsing.
  6. Scroll through your transaction history or choose a specific year using the “Date Range” option at the top.

Request a refund

Once you’ve logged in, you may report a quality issue, request a refund, and report any fraud or scam you may have come across, as well as any inappropriate, illegal, or abusive content you may have come across in an Apple App store purchase.

Thankfully, Apple has made it exceedingly easy for you to monitor and confirm each transaction you carry out on your Mac or an Apple iOS device. If you unintentionally forget your Apple account login details, you may be interested in our quick lesson on where to find Apple ID logins, which also explains how to ask Apple for a reminder using their automated web form.

On MacBook or iMac:

  1. Open the Apple Music programme on your Mac.
  2. Select “Account” from the top menu bar.
  3. Select “Account Settings” in the drop-down box.
  4. Locate “Purchase History” on the Account Information page by scrolling down a little bit.
  5. Swipe to the right to activate the “See All” button.

If you wish to contact Apple about a problem with one of your purchases, go to the company’s website by selecting the “More” option on the right-hand side. By following the instructions below, you may manually visit the website to seek a refund or notify Apple of any dubious behaviour you may have seen in an application or transaction.

Check your purchase history from a browser:

  1. Visit the website.
  2. Log in using the security credentials for your Apple ID.
  3. Conduct a specific purchase search or view the whole database in reverse chronological order.

You may use a browser to visit the official Apple website and check the progress of claims, refunds, and other things. If you are having problems finding a purchase, make sure you are login into the website with the Apple ID you used to buy the item. Since just the items related to each ID will be shown. If you have Apple Family Sharing enabled, you must sign in with the main admin “Controller” credentials to view a comprehensive record of everyone’s purchases.

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