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How to use Google Maps offline

While using Google Maps to obtain directions is a great idea, there may be times when you’ll want to save the directions so you can utilize them while you’re not online. To do this, you’ll need on download the maps for that area to your device.

If you’re travelling somewhere with patchy or inconsistent cellular coverage, you may want to download your Google Maps directions to use offline.

If you’re planning a long journey and want to make sure you have directions for the entire route, this feature, which Google has incorporated into its Google Maps app, can be helpful. When I visit a new place, I always do this since you never know how the local cellular networks will function. This feature is available in Google Maps for both Android and iPhone; details for each device are provided below.

How to download Google Maps directions offline for Android?

To get instructions, use the Google Maps app on your Android smartphone or tablet. Both Google Maps must be open and online for this to work.

By typing in the destination—for example, London—in the search bar, selecting the name and address at the bottom, and then clicking Download, you may download the maps for that area.

Click more, then Download offline map, then Download if you’ve conducted a more thorough search for a location inside that city, such Regent Street.

You can then access driving instructions for that area when you are offline. Things like traffic and alternative routes are unavailable on Google Maps when you are offline.

How to download Google Maps directions for the iPhone or iPad?

Open the Google Maps app on your iPad or iPhone, select a place (such as London), enter the name or address of the location in the bottom field, and then select More > Download offline map > Download.

The maps for that area will then function offline, but you won’t receive traffic, detour, or other information. Driving directions will continue to work.

This is a fantastic feature of Google Maps that has previously worked well for me, especially when I was visiting remote areas of the UK for vacation and cellphone reception was spotty. Visit Google for more details on using Google Maps offline. We really hope you find this material to be helpful. Please leave a remark below with any questions you may have.

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