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How to reset the Apple Watch

Since the new models were announced yesterday, you might want to prepare your old Apple Watch to sell or give to someone else. You’ll need to reset the Apple Watch in order to accomplish this.

For instance, you might want to reset your Apple Watch sometimes if you want to restore its factory settings. You may configure it as a new device and hand it to someone else, for instance.

You must first unpair your Apple Watch from your iPhone in order to reset and delete the device; otherwise, it will not be able to be unpaired. You should also make a backup of your Apple Watch if you plan to use it again or set up a new one.

How to backup the Apple Watch?

Before resetting the Apple Watch, you have the option of manually backing it up. When your iPhone does a backup, the Apple Watch will too.

The only way to manually backup your watch at the moment is to unpair it from your iPhone. When you finish the procedures below and unpair your device from your iPhone, it will be immediately backed up. You can find more information on this on Apple’s website.

How do I unpair the Apple Watch?

Tap the “i” next to your Apple Watch name in the Apple Watch app on your iPhone to open a menu that includes the option to unpair your Apple Watch. You may now unpair your Apple Watch from your iPhone using this method. The separation of your Apple Watch from your iPhone is now complete, enabling you to proceed to the subsequent step of resetting the watch.

How do I erase an Apple Watch?

After removing your Apple Watch from your iPhone, you can reset it. On your Apple Watch, open the Settings app and select General > Reset > Erase all content and Settings. When prompted, you must enter your passcode.

After being reset, your Apple Watch can be set up as a new Apple Watch and connected to a new iPhone.

If your Apple Watch is a cellular model, you must remove it from your cellular plan. Choose My Watch > Cellular, then tap the I next to the name of your plan to accomplish this. You can confirm that this is what you want to do by choosing Remove.

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