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How to fix ‘Messages in iCloud is currently disabled’ error

Users who have upgraded to iOS 11.3 have reportedly observed an error message at the bottom of the Messages app on their iPhone and iPad, warning that “Messages in iCloud is presently blocked.” Users are given the option to “Repair Account,” which, according to The Apple Post, does nothing.

Many people have contacted The Apple Post seeking for a remedy ever since we originally reported the “Messages in iCloud is presently disabled” problem, and fortunately we have the solution! On iPhone and iPad, the unpleasant “Messages in iCloud is presently disabled” problem may be resolved as follows.

How to fix ‘Messages in iCloud is currently disabled’ error

  1. On your iPhone or iPad, open the Settings app, choose the General you want to change, and then press Software Update to make sure iOS 11.3.1 is installed. Update to the most recent iOS version if necessary.
  2. Reopen the Settings app and scroll down to Messages if the firmware update doesn’t resolve the problem. Toggle iMessage on and off by pressing the button.
  3. Open the Settings app, go to your iCloud Settings, and log out of iCloud if the first two procedures don’t resolve the problem. Your gadget should be turned off and then back on. Re-sign in to iCloud once it is switched on.

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