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How to factory reset any iPad

If you wish to update your iPad to the most recent Apple model while giving your old iPad to a family member, friend, or selling it online. You must do a factory reset any iPad to prevent giving it away with any sensitive data remaining on it.

This reset method is a little different when your iPad is experiencing issues or not running applications properly. If you want to know how to forcefully restart your iPad without erasing any of its data, look at our tutorial below.

If you want to delete everything from your iPad so that it seems as though you just unwrapped it after purchasing it, keep reading. One more word of warning: wiping everything off your iPad when you reset it to factory settings will be irreversible.

If the iOS operating system isn’t functioning properly or if your iPad’s applications have been giving you problems. By forcing a restart of your iPad, you can fix a variety of issues without losing any of your data. This succinct manual covers both methods.

You might need to do a complete iPad factory reset in dire situations, such as after buying a new iPad and wishing to sell or give your old one to a relative. Your iPad will be completely erased, including all of its apps, documents, settings, and photographs, returning it to the state it was in before you even opened the box.

If you prefer to keep your apps, data, documents, and photos, you can follow the quick instructions in this article to restart and reset your iPad. Check out our earlier guide if you’re interested in learning how to factory reset your iPhone in addition to receiving instructions on how to wipe everything off your iPad.

How to force restart iPads

How to reboot or force restart your iPad while keeping all of your data and loaded applications is the first subject we’ll discuss. You may undertake a procedure similar to a hard reboot of your PC or computer without losing any data by totally shutting down the tablet and turning it back on. But you should always keep backups on your computer or through Apple’s iCloud backup service, just in case. If your iPad doesn’t have a home button, still follow the instructions below carefully.

IPads without a Home button (newer)

To forcibly restart or reset an iPad that has been updated without a home button, just press and immediately release the volume up and down keys as seen in the photos above. Release the button once the Apple logo displays and wait for your iPad to reboot to the login screen by pressing and holding the top power button. Because the operating system and all of the apps will be entirely reset, this is analogous to shutting off and then turning on a computer. Letting the iPad take care of any little problems that may develop into larger ones.

IPads with a Home button (older)

You must press and hold the top button, as is seen in the image above, until the power off slider appears if your iPad is a little older and has a home button at the bottom of the display. If you slide the power off button from left to right, your tablet will shut off after thirty seconds. When this is finished, press and hold the top button until the Apple logo appears to turn your Apple tablet back on. You can also force-restart your iPad on other models with a home button by holding down the top and home buttons at the same time until the Apple logo appears. After that, you can release both buttons.

How to factory reset iPads

When you reset your iPad to factory settings, all of your data, photographs, and applications are lost, returning it to the state it was in when you first pulled it out of the box after purchase. Using a Mac or PC, you may do a factory reset on your tablet. If your iMac or Macbook is running macOS Catalina or later, you will use the Finder program.

If you want to use a Mac running Apple’s macOS Mojave operating system or an earlier version, or a Windows PC, you must use the iTunes program.

You can also erase and restore your iPad without a computer by following the instructions at the end of this article if you don’t have access to a Mac or PC.

Once you have determined whether you will be using Finder or iTunes, sign out of the Find My app on your iPad and connect the tablet to your PC or Mac. Your device should appear on the left side of the Finder and iTunes programmes after you enter your passcode, if required. When your iPad appears, choose it. You’ll find a “Restore iPad” option in the centre of the screen, just to the right of the “Check for Update” button. Confirming that you want to reset your iPad and delete all of its files, apps, and private data is the next step.

Factory reset your iPad without a computer

To do a factory reset on your iPad without needing a computer, you navigate to “Settings” on your tablet, choose “General,” and then “Reset.” You have a few choices here, such as “Reset Network Settings,” “Erase All Content and Settings,” and “Reset All Settings,” but we’ll store them for later.

After selecting your option, you will be asked to confirm that you want to completely wipe all of the data, media, and applications on your iPad. Your iPad will start the reset procedure when you give the go-ahead, deleting all of your data and returning it to the condition it was in when you first got it out of the box.

If your iPad is unresponsive or won’t turn on, if you’re having trouble wiping data from it, or if you’re having trouble wiping the memory of the device, you might need to contact Apple by visiting their website.

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