HalfDive VR headset designed to be worn lying down

If you would prefer to take a more relaxed approach when playing VR games and applications, you might be interested in a new VR headset and virtual reality system called HalfDive that has been expressly built to be worn lying down. The imaginative project that was started on Kickstarter has already raised more than $160,000 thanks to more than 200 supporters with only 37 days remaining. A Tokyo, Japan-based design team created the cutting-edge VR system, which provides controls and a more cosy degree of immersion. Early bird contributions are already being taken for the innovative project and start at roughly $759 or £562. (Subject to prevailing currency rates).

HalfDive VR headset

We ultimately want to create completely immersive virtual world experiences in the vein of “Sword Art Online” and “Matrix”. It was commonly accepted that technology with direct access to the brain, such BCIs (Brain Computer Interfaces), were necessary to accomplish our goal. This was our initial impression of the scenario. There are still numerous obstacles to overcome despite the fact that we have created a simple BCI device and that only a very small number of companies have been succeeded in creating a BCI device that works.

If the HalfDive crowd fundraising effort succeeds in collecting the necessary contributions, worldwide shipment is scheduled to begin around August 2022, assuming all goes according to plan throughout manufacturing. To learn more about the HalfDive virtual reality headset idea, see the promotional video below.

But eventually, we realised that our goal was to “enjoy” the “Sword Art Online” universe, and that in addition to BCI, additional technologies could be required. We explored the potential for developing a “Half-Dive (half of Full-Dive)” experience by creatively combining currently existing technologies. Then our journey began. HalfDive is still working toward living up to its name, but because to its innovative design, it is the only device in the world that can provide users with a nearly fully immersive VR experience.

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