Earth Day Apple Watch Activity Challenge reward not showing for some users

Apple is running a limited-time Apple Watch Activity Challenge that rewards users who complete a workout lasting 30 minutes or more with a trio of animated stickers and a virtual trophy in the Fitness app. However, some users don’t seem to be receiving the virtual reward despite finishing the challenge.

The Apple Watch Activity Challenge is still shown as unfinished in the Fitness app on the iPhone despite more than 30 minutes of activity being recorded on April 22nd, according to reports from users on Twitter and online forums. This is frustrating and confusing.

Users on Twitter are asking Apple Support for guidance since they don’t want to lose out on today’s unique challenge, but it doesn’t seem like there is a method to force the Earth Day prize to appear.

Users of the Apple Watch experienced similar problems with the Valentine’s Day Apple Watch Activity Challenge in 2021. Apple at the time directed anyone who was having problems with their award not showing to a webpage on which stated that “You will earn the award within 9 days of completing the Activity Challenge.” Users were also advised to keep their iPhone and Apple Watch on the same Wi-Fi network to enable proper syncing.

With postings also displaying images of the unique iMessage stickers and sparkly Fitness prize online, it seems that the missing incentives aren’t a common problem.

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