Download the new iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro wallpapers right here [Gallery]

Every year, when a new iPhone is introduced, a fresh set of wallpapers becomes one of the most well-liked items. Go down below to get the new wallpapers for the iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro.

Two of the vibrant iPhone 11 wallpapers have been obtained by Ispazio, and Dylan McDonald has gathered several of the Dark Mode variations of the new wallpapers.

A high-quality version of the iPhone 11 Pro stock wallpaper was also published on Twitter by the amazing AR70214, and three further variations (based on the color of the iPhone 11 Pro) have also appeared.

During the following two weeks, new iterations of these wallpapers, including light mode variations of the iPhone 11 designs, are anticipated to keep coming out. Nonetheless, the current iterations should be plenty to get you excited about the iPhone 11.

Tim Cook and their team unveiled the new iPhone 11 devices back in September 2019. Incredible new wallpapers are released with every new smartphone. The iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro wallpapers are available for download as part of a special midweek edition of our well-liked Wallpapers of the Week series.

Check out these wallpapers that will give your smartphone depth and color whether or not you have Apple’s newest new iPhone.

To download the wallpapers:

To download the wallpapers

  • To open a picture in a new tab, right-click or long-press the image you wish to select from the list below.
  • On iOS, long touch once more to save, while on macOS, click “Save picture as.”

Reminder: If you’re seeing our site using Google AMP, consider going to the full version. The photos are compressed by Google AMP.

The wallpapers you will find here:

1) iPhone 11 Pro

2) iPhone 11

iPhone 11

Thanks to a tip from @ashubaiss55, the ensuing iPhone 11 wallpapers were obtained via YTECHB. For a couple of reasons, I decided to split this collection from the pictures above. YTECHB purportedly obtained the photographs below, claiming to have had “early access” to them. Nevertheless, the scaled-down image quality is horrible! YTECHB also shared iPhone Pro wallpapers, however, they were of embarrassingly poor quality when compared to AR72014’s touching photos.

As a result, this makes me think that they might not have been precise extracts but instead were modified screenshots. Still, the wallpapers ought to appear pretty clear on your smartphone considering the bigger than-necessary pixels and parallax effect on contemporary iPhone devices.

Finally, those who are addicted to wallpaper should check out iDownloadBlog on Sundays when we post our regularly scheduled photos. You may follow me on Twitter at @jim Gresham, where I talk to other series fans, accept suggestions, and get downloads. Watch out for more wallpapers, midweek advice, and recommendations. The most significant benefit is that you may see a preview of the next wallpapers for the following article! Please contribute any other thoughts or photos you may have!

iPhone 11 Pro

The first four pictures in this gallery were created by well-known digital artist @AR72014. He has his gallery in our collection and is frequently featured in the iDB Wallpapers of the Week.

To set the images as your wallpaper:

  1. Open the picture in the iOS Pictures app.
  2. In the lower-left corner, click the share symbol.
  3. Choose “Use as Wallpaper.”

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