Apple Watch customers in England, and India credit heart rate tracking as life-changing

The ability to detect an increased heart rate during a period of inactivity was added to Apple Watches with watchOS 4 last autumn, and it has frequently been credited with saving lives. Just this week, two further instances of Apple Watch making a significant difference in people’s lives around the globe were documented.

The Independent in England reports:

Kevin Pearson, 52, from Cockermouth in northern England, was “minding my own business” when his watch informed him that something was seriously wrong with his heart. He was sitting calmly and reading a book at the time. Although he was sitting down and doing very little, it was still thumping at 161 bpm, which indicated that he may be experiencing a heart attack. […]

“I said, “Can you have a look?” thinking that it might simply be my watch that was off.” Atrial fibrillation, in which the heart beats quickly and erratically, was diagnosed by doctors right away, and they advised him that more needed to be done. “

Doctors concluded that he had undergone an “event” and that the same symptoms may indicate a heart attack following blood testing and further heart rate monitoring.

In Pune, GadgetsNow reports on a lawyer who utilized her Apple Watch to detect an abnormally high heart rate amid a demanding work situation:

“Because of the demanding circumstances in my life, I chose to get an Apple Watch to keep an eye on my fundamental health. Joglekar stated over the phone, “I started using the Apple Watch sporadically to measure my fitness, especially after going to the gym. […]

“I was startled to see that my Apple Watch was buzzing. I originally decided to ignore the buzzing of the Apple Watch during the formal processes. I was startled when I finally noticed the Apple Watch notification after being disturbed by the frequent vibrating on my wrist, she continued. Her heart rate had risen to 136 beats per minute, much over the usual range, and the Apple Watch kept reminding her to “take a deep breath and ease the tension.”

She took a break out of concern about a serious health issue at work. “This message helped me realize how the stress in my job is affecting my health.” Jglekar tacked on.

Apple Watch Series 1, Series 2, and Series 3 devices running watchOS 4 or later support elevated heart rate detection (which excludes first-gen models).

All types of Apple devices come with the built-in meditation software Breath, which helps you concentrate your mind while engaging in a brief period of deep breathing. Additionally, Breathe records your pulse rate throughout sessions and displays it to you toward the conclusion of each one.

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