Apple says United Airlines has saved passengers from 13M minutes in delays with iPhones and iPads

On its Apple at Work website, Apple has included a new “Success Story” that highlights a collaboration with United Airlines. Apple claims that United Airlines gave all 85,000 of its employees iPhones and iPads, enabling them to “be mobile and empowered to be their most effective.” There are some really interesting data on how this collaboration has benefited staff, customers, and more.

Apple says:

Millions of people are connected by United Airlines to the locations and events that matter most. The business understands that creating those relationships depends on its staff. With iPhone and iPad, every one of United’s 85,000 workers is completely mobile and empowered to perform at their highest level, simplifying duties, facilitating communication, and improving the flying experience for passengers.

Additionally, United workers contribute to the conception and creation of original iPad and iPhone applications, illustrating United’s conviction that inclusivity fosters creativity. Employees have been allowed to develop fresh ideas as a result, improving travel while prioritizing customer service.

The recent deployment of 120,000 Apple devices to United Airlines staff, according to data provided by Apple, has prevented 13 million passenger minutes of delays. The two businesses have been working together for more than 10 years, “continuing to innovate with Apple products and services.”

Apple provides information on the new iPhones and iPads being used by United Airlines workers, including:

  • Without sacrificing customer service, United has been able to cut the number of departure agents required for each aircraft from two to one thanks to increased efficiency.
  • 4 386 flights have been spared delays thanks to digital clearance for maintenance release documentation on the iPad, saving 684,000 passengers each year.
  • The United Tech specialized software reduces technician dependency on paper, eliminating eight minutes of maintenance time every flight and saving one million sheets of paper each month.

A detailed analysis of the partnership between Apple and United Airlines is available on Apple’s website right here. Additionally, there are a few Success Stories from other businesses.

Since Apple was upset with United Airlines for disclosing the amount of money the company spends annually on united flights, a lot has changed.

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