Apple not planning on merging the iPad and Mac, says Greg Joswiak

Following Apple’s “Spring Loaded” special event this week, which saw the introduction of an all-new M1 iMac and an updated iPad Pro, senior VP of worldwide marketing Greg Joswiak and hardware chief John Ternus said in a new interview with The Independent on Thursday that the company has no plans to combine the iPad and Mac.

According to the two, Apple doesn’t plan on “getting all wrapped up in” notions of “merging or anything like that” and aims to preserve the iPad and Mac as two distinct products for the foreseeable future.

According to Joswiak, there are two contradictory tales that are often told regarding the iPad and Mac. People claim that they are at odds with one another on the one hand. A decision must be made on whether someone wants an iPad or a Mac.

“Alternatively, others claim that we are combining the two groups into one and that this is all part of a vast plot. And in fact, neither statement is accurate. We work very, incredibly hard to provide the greatest things in each area, and we’re extremely proud of that.

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In addition, Ternus said, “We’re aiming to build the greatest iPad we can make and the best Mac we can make.”

Apple has previously denied speculations that the iPad and Mac might be integrated into a single device. A merging of the two platforms would be a horrible idea and would degrade the entire user experience, something Apple is unwilling to undertake, according to Apple CEO Tim Cook, who dismissed the rumours in 2018.

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