Apple Music ‘Replay 2022’ now available showing your top songs albums and artists of the year

Apple has made available the “Replay 2022” playlist for Apple Music, which compiles your most streamed songs, albums, and artists of the year into one playlist. This playlist is updated every week to reflect the newest songs you’ve been listening to and to eliminate tracks that didn’t make it onto your top 100 list.

Apple’s version of Spotify’s popular “Spotify Wrapped,” “Replay 2022,” similarly displays users’ listening history.

Visit right now to view your “Replay 2022” playlist if you’re an Apple Music member.

A playlist of 100 of your most streamed songs from 2022 will be shown. However, given how early in the year it is, some users may not have amassed sufficient history to fill a whole playlist. In this scenario, Apple will play a selection of songs and progressively expand the “Replay 2022” playlist over the course of the weeks.

How to get your “Replay 2022” playlist

  1. Please visit
  2. Use the same Apple ID you use to access your Apple Music account to sign in.
  3. Click Download Your Replay Mix

According to Apple, you may need to play more music for the playlist to be formed if you can’t see your new playlist after creating it. The “Replay Mix” will be shown as soon as you have finished playing all the tracks.

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