Apple is reportedly working on MacBooks with touchscreens

Apple could finally be getting around to adding touchscreens to MacBooks after years of resistance and hatred. Apple is reportedly aggressively working on this project and may depart from its long-standing strategy of creating a conventional desktop system without a touchscreen, according to Bloomberg.

According to the Bloomberg story, Apple may introduce touchscreen-equipped MacBooks by 2025 as part of a new MacBook Pro series. The business may replace the LCD and OLED screens on the 14-inch and 16-inch Pro models as part of this portfolio redesign.

Another Bloomberg story from earlier this week said that Apple intended to produce its displays for the iPhone and Apple Watch. There was no mention of the business developing screens for its Mac series, either.

The position that touchscreens are not required on MacBooks has been upheld for a long time by Apple officials. Instead, they have been encouraging folks to test out an iPad if they want a large touchscreen computer for years. The Touch Bar, which is progressively being taken away from MacBook Pros, was the closest Apple ever came to introducing a touchscreen on a Mac.

The iPad is currently the best touchscreen “computer,” according to Apple. If the business wants to introduce MacBooks with touchscreens, it could have to gradually depart from that story. Microsoft is one of Apple’s rivals that has created a lengthy line of touchscreen laptops with various form factors.

Laptop touchscreens were dubbed “ergonomically horrible” by Steve Jobs in 2010 for their use.

We conducted a tonne of user testing on this, and it turns out that it is ineffective. Touch surfaces want to be horizontal. It delivers a terrific demonstration, but after a short while, you start to get tired, and after a long while, your arm starts to feel like it wants to come off. It’s uncomfortable and doesn’t work, he had stated.

Yet since then, technology has advanced, and Apple has also shown products like the Apple Pencil, another concept for a device that Jobs detested.

More recently, Apple senior VP Craig Federighi indicated he is “not into touchscreens” and described touchscreen Computers as “experiments.”

On the plus side, if Apple decides to move forward with this idea, iOS apps on MacBooks may perform better. Project Catalyst was the first product the business unveiled in 2020 to bring iOS apps to desktop computers.

The iPhone manufacturer is straddling a tricky line. On the one hand, it has recently enhanced the performance of its iPads by equipping them with desktop-class CPUs, respectable add-on keyboards, and desktop capabilities in the iPad. Apple will thus need to maintain enough diversity between the two lines to continue selling both iPad and touchscreen MacBooks.

Possible Models

Apple engineers are “actively involved,” according to Bloomberg’s Mark German, in creating a Mac with a touchscreen, and one of the first Macs with a touchscreen might be an OLED version of the MacBook Pro.

How Touchscreen Macs Will Work

How Touchscreen Macs Will Work

It’s anticipated that the first touchscreen Mac would maintain a classic laptop form with a trackpad and a keyboard.

The device will still have a typical notebook shape but will include a touchscreen display similar to an iPad or iPhone.

Touchscreen Mac History

Throughout the years, Apple officials have repeatedly said that they do not have any intentions to develop a touchscreen Mac. For instance, Apple’s head of hardware engineering John Ternus stated in 2021 that an iPad is the greatest touch device, with the Mac being “completely designed for indirect input” as opposed to touch. He stated, “We haven’t felt a need to adjust that.

Asserting that “raising your arm to poke a screen” is “fatiguing,” Apple software engineering director Craig Federighi stated in 2020 that Apple thought Mac ergonomics required the hands to be rested on a table. Other businesses’ touch-screen laptops did not compel Apple either. We haven’t, to my knowledge, ever asked ourselves, “How quickly can we get there?” while observing the other men.

Later in 2020, Federighi said that Apple had no hidden intentions to alter Mac’s operation and that a touch-based interface had not been taken into consideration. At this point, Apple has been denying rumors of a touchscreen Mac for over ten years.

How likely is this touchscreen MacBook Pro?

How likely is this touchscreen MacBook Pro

As of the right moment, it appears that the development of this touchscreen MacBook Pro is still in its infancy. It’s still a ways off as the project is still in development, assuming Apple decides to move further at all. German estimates that the gadget might be available as early as 2025 and have an OLED display as well.

Although Apple has stated that it has no plans to merge macOS and iPadOS, the touchscreen MacBook Pro will probably run a modified version of macOS that includes touch capabilities. Whether the MacBook would enable a touch-only mode, like other 2-in-1s on the market, is presently unknown.

Apple has resisted the introduction of a touchscreen MacBook. Keep your hands and fingers at the bottom of your MacBook at all times signs should be posted throughout Apple Park, so we wouldn’t be too shocked. It’s shocking because Steve Jobs has previously opposed this notion.

It would give the highly desired extra professional features that many want from the iPad. Yet, it would create confusion over the iPad lineup and be extremely difficult to utilize. We’re not quite convinced this is in Apple’s plans, but it’s intriguing to watch the firm work on refining the concept.

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