AirPods Max 2, AirPods 4, and AirPods Pro 3: Here are the latest rumors on when to expect them

Users naturally ask when Apple would produce a new version of the AirPods, AirPods Pro, and AirPods Max given the popularity of the current model. Look below for a summary of the most recent speculations regarding the release dates for new iterations of each of these goods.

When Apple will launch the new AirPods Max?

Apple does not currently have any plans to develop a second generation of the high-end AirPods Max model, which was introduced by the end of 2020.

Since Apple Music introduced support for Lossless quality in June and the AirPods Max are technically unable of playing in this quality, even when connected to a wired device, many are anticipating the firm to introduce a new model.

The $549 AirPods Max are anticipated to remain unchanged for a while, although Bloomberg’s Gurman claimed in May that Apple might merely be considering additional color options for the model.

“Apple is not presently working on a second generation of the AirPods Max, despite having talked about releasing more color options in the future. The company has just lately been able to keep up with demand for the product. “

It is still unknown whether Apple would ever upgrade the AirPods Max, which just celebrated its one birthday. What the AirPods Max 2 would look like has been envisioned in a concept, and it includes features like USB-C + MagSafe charging, some amount of water resistance, and additional colors.

It’s also important to note that Apple is developing a better Bluetooth codec for the AirPods Max that are already available. Although upgrades are always appreciated, Apple would need to update the hardware before customers could fully benefit from this technology.

Apple could be getting set to release the updated AirPods Pro 2 along with Bluetooth 5.3 compatibility, a new H2 chip, enhanced ANC, and the new Adaptive Transparency function.

The first (and only) generation AirPods Max

The first (and only) generation AirPods Max

Apple is attempting to compete with other high-end headphones used by audiophiles and individuals who value good sound quality with the AirPods Max. The active noise cancellation and audio quality of Apple’s wireless headphones were highly acclaimed in the initial evaluations.

The headphones offer several cutting-edge technologies, like quick pairing and Spatial Audio, and are constructed from high-quality materials. However, several of its features are disliked by consumers. For example, the casing has drawn a lot of flak for just serving to put the headphones into sleep mode and not truly shielding them from harm.

Apple has also been under fire for equipping the AirPods Max with simply a Lightning connection. Apple’s top-end headphones are unable to play Lossless music since they lack a standard 3.5mm headphone socket and Bluetooth high bitrate audio codec capability.

Rumors about the next generation of Apple headphone

Since 2020, Apple has not updated the AirPods Max, as we previously noted. Instead, the firm revamped the ordinary AirPods with a new look and greater sound, while the AirPods Pro also got an upgrade with a U1 chip for Precision Finding, a more effective H2 chip, and better noise cancellation.

Reliable According to recent reports from Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, the company is now testing a second-generation version of the AirPods Max, although a release isn’t anticipated until sometime in 2024. Customers have most recently discovered that orders for AirPods Max on Apple’s website take two to three weeks longer than expected.

It’s not clear, though, if Apple is only having supply problems or if a new model is on the way. It’s also possible that Apple won’t release any new hardware, only new colors for the original AirPods Max.

What do you desire most from a new generation of Apple’s wireless headphones, given the most recent rumors? I enjoy my AirPods Max; however, the fact that they still use a Lightning connector and the awful casing irritates me, and I would want to see improvements in these areas. Please share your opinions in the poll and comments sections below.

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