Add a second screen to your smartphone with castAway

The castAway case is an ingenious new platform that lets you add a variety of accessories to your smartphone, whether you want a speaker in your pocket, a powerful backup battery, or a high-quality second screen.

The castAway screen smartphone case team has added new rewards for people to enjoy via Indiegogo, including a Qi wireless charging battery, a wallet with a Qi wireless charging battery, and a Universal Case that will allow people to use all of castAways mods with ANY phone case they choose.

Your smartphone may easily become a second screen by just adding a cover, giving you access to a tonne of new features. You can effortlessly access files and photos from either screen, start numerous programmes at once, copy, or paste with the castAway case. Check out the video below to learn more.

“We heard what you said quite well. We’re happy to announce that castAway has evolved into a full platform in response to your feedback. We’re still offering a second-screen experience, but you can now customize your case with a variety of accessories to suit your unique requirements.

What was formerly considered a luxury is now required: a second monitor? Switching between monitors and apps is commonplace today. A second screen may be easily added to a computer, but what about a second screen for your smartphone? You must multitask even when actively participating in other things while away from your computer. Introducing the castAway case, a fantastic new device that adds a second, very thin screen to your favourite smartphone. You can multitask while travelling if you use a tablet with the powerful Chromium operating system.

Features of castAway include:

  • The castAway case works with any iOS or Android phone, and the connection remains active even after you remove the phone from the case.
  • With its dual boot feature, you can quickly convert it into a larger trackpad, keyboard, or game controller for your phone.
  • It boasts a capacitive touch screen with a high resolution, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, front and back cameras, and an audio jack.
  • Using the built-in SD card, you may expand your phone’s storage and remove photos.
  • Your smartphone may be powered by the internal battery while also being used for something else.

Your second screen, the castAway casing, was created by 40-year electronics industry veteran Ken Mages. Ken sought the aid of two former Microsoft and Intel executives, an accomplished product designer by the name of Joe Jasinski, and a former Dell head of industrial design to create this amazing device. With Intent. The castAway case design makes advantage of a sophisticated global magnetic hinge that has a patent application filed. Where the magic happens is on the second screen tablet side of the hinge.

When the tablet is taken out of the cover, your smartphone will look and feel exactly the same as it would in any other superior protective case. It is simpler to accommodate a range of devices because of the hinge design.

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