Despite jokes that the PS5 looks like an enlarged router, the machine has a gorgeous appearance. Sony went over and beyond with the design to enhance ventilation and to give gamers the option to change the faceplate covers on either side of the device. There are lots of third-party choices if you don’t like the standard white.

Many of these faceplate covers are genuinely shock and scratch-proof to further safeguard your console from harm; they also offer distinctive beauty. They are simple to install and compatible with both the PS5 Disc Edition and PS5 Digital Edition. The PS5 system features customisation as one of its main advantages versus the Xbox Series X.

Below is a list of the top PS5 console covers that we’ve compiled.

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Official PlayStation 5 Covers

Official covers created by Sony themselves are among the greatest choices and those with the highest level of quality assurance. These are available in five hues, including the well-known Cosmic Red, Midnight Black, Starlight Blue, Nova Pink, and Galactic Purple choices. You can also buy these faceplate covers in colors that coordinate with the PS5 controller.

These PS5 faceplates have no unique characteristics save the color options. They are solely there for aesthetic reasons, however when used with a DualSense controller, they look wonderful. And best of all, they only cost $55.


Look at the InnoAura PS5 Faceplates if you want something a little unique. These have a distinctive design with air vents on both sides for better airflow. Six color options are available, four of which are basic colors, but the camo patterns on the silver and gold variants make them stand out. To add to their impact resistance, these PS5 plates are also shockproof.

The InnoAura PS5 Faceplates only suit the Disc Edition, which is a drawback. For the PS5 Digital Edition, there are currently no alternatives available. For those who prefer something portable, there are cover options for the Nintendo Switch.

The Gold Standard

This gold NexiGo option is built with quality and customer pleasure in mind and includes scratch- and dust-resistant ABS plastic, a user manual, and even matching controller plates. It’s an added benefit that it looks fantastic.

So Sleek

This faceplate has various helpful features in addition to having a fantastic appearance on your console. For instance, redesigning the tabs on the grills adds stability while locking the plates into place. There are also available controller shells.


Aiming for greater value for your money Whichever color you choose, the NexiGo PS5 Faceplate comes with two matching controller covers. You can make sure your PS5 Dualsense controller matches the design of your system by doing this. The ABS plastic coverings have an installation technique that is completely do-it-yourself.

You can get a PS5 in blue, gold, matte black, or even red. There are four color variations available. Unfortunately, the NexiGo faceplates are only available for the PS5’s Disc Version. It costs the same as the official faceplates ($55), and the addition of two controller covers makes it more valuable.


Particularly the black faceplates, the new PS5 color selections look fantastic. Not everyone has, however, had the good fortune to pre-order one. If you can get your hands on a PS5 and want to customize it, the IFEEHE faceplates provide two design possibilities that stand out from other PS5 accessories.

The first one resembles a red skull and is reminiscent of the Gears of War. It almost has the appearance of a decal on the console’s side. A second device has a black faceplate with a light pattern that resembles an Arc Reactor from Iron Man. The plates are more concerned with appearance than anything else, but their Amazon page claims that they are scratch and drop-proof. It’s not too expensive at $60 for such a distinctive appearance.

Which faceplates should you buy?

There are plenty of options available for anyone seeking to adorn their PS5 with new plates, especially now that licensed options are available. The official license plates are the greatest option overall because they have colors that are unmatched by other aftermarket options and provide you the assurance that you’re obtaining a high-quality item. Of course, that adorable Playstation logo is what really sets it apart on your shelf.

You can’t do much better than the stylish VGF Gamers Fade to Black plates if your interest is solely aesthetic, especially if you want a matte finish. If you’re searching for something a little more unique to adorn your PS5 console, the wds clear white plates are also gorgeous.

Some would rather switch out their official faceplates for a more useful one that enhances the design rather than just making an aesthetic difference. The dbrand Darkplates check this box; they have better ventilation, a stylish aesthetic, and useful functionality to keep your PS5 in good condition. A smart present box containing your new faceplates and a stylish middle skin from a broad selection offer attention to detail not found in some other entries on this list, while both add that extra bit of quality.

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