6 Ways to Animate still Photos Online or with Apps

Social media is heavily reliant on GIFs and videos. Nowadays, still photos are less common online due to the simplicity with which you may add movement and filter effects to your photos, which has led to an increase in the number of these animated images.

So what if you want to animate a still image to bring motion to a static scene? There is, however, an app for that. In reality, there are a lot of apps for that. The top iPhone and Android applications for animating images are listed below.

1. Motionleap

The reason Motionleap is the first app on our list is clear. With over 300,000 reviews and an average of over four stars, this app is among the best-reviewed ones on the Play Store.

Despite having a Pro and subscription version, Motionleap is available for free. It doesn’t add a watermark to your photograph when you download it to your phone, unlike many other photo animators available.

The main function of the program is to turn still photographs into brief, looping films by animating them. You accomplish this by dragging your thumb across the screen to add directional hints to your image. Additionally, you may use filters on top of your image and freeze specific portions of it to add ambiance.

Without paying for a Pro account, Motionleap unfortunately retains your animated still photographs in video format. So here’s how to convert a movie into a GIF if you want to create animated photographs that can be shared on social media.


Similar to Motionleap, Werble operates. While the basic account is free, in-app purchases are also available. Its main function is to animate your images. Most of Werble’s animations are created using the filter effects that you may overlay on your photos.

Werble has the benefit of immediately saving these images as GIFs so they can be used online. The drawback? You must pay a fee to get the watermark off your picture. There’s no doubt that watermark is large enough to be bothersome.


GIPHY is most likely best known to you as the largest search engine for all things GIF.

GIPHY is the go-to resource for reaction memes for anything under the sun, and it also has a mobile app. It enables you to animate photographs and make your own GIFs. The platform’s built-in animation capabilities can be used to upload them.

GIPHY’s user-friendly and clear UI are two things we really appreciate. You can even make stickers with it (available for iPhone X and later), caption your animated photographs, and record your own little films. GIPHY is definitely worth a go.


Another tool you may use to animate photographs is ImgPlay. Consider it to be a hybrid of Werble and Motionleap. It contains cutting-edge, simple-to-use controls and produces dynamic photographs that are ready for use on the web. Regrettably, it also adds a watermark to your photo that you can’t get rid of unless you upgrade to a complete subscription.

It is possible to create animated images and GIFs in ImgPlay in a few different methods. You can use burst pictures, movies, or still photographs to arrange them side by side.


An software for free that can perform almost everything to animate photos is called PixaMotion. The program is simple to use due to its slick, contemporary appearance, which will undoubtedly remind you of other picture editors. Your image can be animated, have audio added, have moving parts added from the app’s gallery, and have picture filters applied. The main objective of the app is to produce quick loop animations.

There are numerous animation modes in PixaMotion. You can decide whether you want to animate the entire image or just specific portions of it, as well as which direction you want them to move in. You can also “pin” certain portions of the image to keep them still.

When you’re satisfied with your animated image, choose whether to save it as a video or a GIF. Even while PixaMotion’s free edition of the program allows you to download your photos without a watermark, a paid subscription is also offered


A piece of The Plotaverse Suite of motion art tools, Plotagraph is an online picture animation program. Plotaverse offers a subscription option for all the applications for $19.99 per month or $99.99 per year (with a free 30-day trial). You can utilize Plotagraph’s free app on your smartphone if the price seems excessive.

Plotagraph offers a variety of photo animation options that give you complete control over the tempo and direction of the animation. Other features of this program include masking tools, overlays, photo filters, and an interesting feature that lets you incorporate audio snippets from the app’s gallery into your animation.

If you want to convert it to a GIF, you’ll need to use another piece of software since Plotagraph only lets you export animated still photographs in video format.

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